Arquitecto Torsten Zwerenz

Betancuria/ Fuerteventura

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Arquitecto Torsten Zwerenz
Urb. Aguas Verdes
35637 Playa de Santa Inés

Managing director
Torsten Zwerenz

Phone: +34 928 878332
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of Aguas Verdes

Freelance Architect in Fuerteventura.

A creative person, who is happy in his work and shows a love of details. This is Torsten Zwerenz. Already during his studies he could demonstrate his abilities and make free designs for family homes.

He is a member of the local chamber of architects on Fuerteventura and also an appraiser for the bank "Caja de Madrid".

Seriousness, expertise and a good rapport with his clients are the most important skills which he brings to his daily work. These are an advantage for his clients, who can be sure that their projects are realizable, and within their financial budget.


In agreement with his clients, he designs individual houses to their specification. He advises clients about the characteristics of the Canaries architecture, and ensures that all the Spanish construction codes are followed.

The warmer climate of the Canary Islands, their location in the Atlantic Ocean, as well as the locally available construction materials, and the Spanish Laws, all these factors will ensure that in the end your home will be constructed completely differently to northern Europe, but suitable for this environment.

Besides individually designed houses, he also plans and designs apartment buildings, tourist resorts, etc.. Projects for splitting plots, for legalising old buildings, or their renovation, as well as appraisal reports for real estate and interiors are all part of his remit.

He prefers to personally present his creative solutions to you, and offers an initial consultation without commitment, because to meet each other is the best basis for good designs.

Image gallery

Apartmentbuilding in the center of Antigua.
Apartmentbuilding in the center of Antigua.
State-of-the-art home
This can be the birth of a new country house. A juristic hulk.
Intermediate result of the renovation works.
Pavilion of the pool area.
Design of the garden and pool area, incl. supervision of the work.
3D computer animations.
Preliminary design of a spa.
Project for the renovation of the harbour promenade of the capital.
Harbour promenade after execution of the project.
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